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“This new Society-backed publication, with its wide range of helpful illustrations, will surely testify to the importance of this very rural Shropshire factory.” – Geoffrey Godden

“Neat classifications of patterns by names and numbers are incredibly
useful. This book will not only help auctioneers, dealers and museums catalogue their pieces, it will become the bible for existing collectors and encourage new ones.” – John

For the first time ever, a definitive book of Caughley blue and white patterns and accompanying borders was published by The Caughley Society in 2012.  

151 patterns and their borders are fully described and illustrated with nearly 500 newly commissioned digital photographs of pieces in both private and museum collections, many of which have never been published before.

Each pattern occupies at least one page and is illustrated by one or more photographs.  A detailed description accompanies each, which includes a date range during which the pattern is believed to have been used, the pattern’s rarity, the marks that accompany the pattern, the shapes it was used on, which borders accompany it, whether it is printed or painted, and details of whether the pattern was also used by the Worcester factory.  A commentary elaborates this information and draws attention to particular features.

With 256 pages, this hardback book with dust jacket was produced to the highest professional standards and was printed in full colour throughout.  It was written by a team of leading experts from the Society and, with a foreword by Geoffrey Godden, contains additional chapters on the patterns in their historical context, borders, documentary pieces, and marks. It is a comprehensive and invaluable source of information for auctioneers, ceramic historians, collectors, curators, dealers, and others interested in eighteenth-century porcelain.

This long-awaited book was published in a limited edition of 500 copies.  It has now sold out, but copies may still be available from Applecross Antiques by clicking on the link below.

Applecross Antiques



"Absolutely marvellous; even better than I had expected. Congratulations and thanks to all of you who have put so much time, knowledge and expertise into something that will be of benefit to all who are interested in this small corner of the history of ceramics. Well done!"

"The layout is excellent, the photographs are wonderfully clear and the commentaries are very informative"

"I just wanted to say how fantastic it looks and I cannot wait to go through it in more detail.  I am very conscious of the vast amount of work that such a publication entails and well done to all involved."

"We are delighted with the new publication, our only regret is that it was not available years ago when we started collecting."

"What a superb book - many congratulations to you and the team for producing such a wonderful volume. The Society now has a book that will be the standard reference work for many years to come."

"Please convey my congratulations to all who have been involved in its production and distribution. It is excellent in every respect.  I am only an occasional buyer of Caughley, although I am now tempted to abandon New Hall in its favour."

"Congratulations and thanks to all involved in producing a super book of reference."

"It looks the real deal – very well produced and printed and I look forward to learning a lot of new facts."

"I have greatly enjoyed my first dips into the book. How good it looks and feels! What a great achievement! The trouble is that bargains will be very difficult to find from now on."


What a fantastic achievement by all concerned in the compilation, and publishing, of this much needed work. I for one, am very surprised at the amount of really rare patterns. Wonderful, and well worth the wait.”


“It is a first class product”


“It is splendid and will give many hours of enjoyment”


What a lovely publication it is. Apart from the information and illustrations, it is simply a joy to leaf through with the quality of its production and layout.”


Not only is it full of helpful, up-to-date information, but it is a work of art! The layout and photos are beautifully done. Congratulations to all who worked on this project!”

"It presents beautifully - a very well executed publication, one that you should be proud of.  I found it very well laid out, very logical, obviously a lot of thought went into it, you could almost say it was well engineered."

"An important and scholarly addition to ceramics literature"


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